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Minor Update to DocumentBuilder 2.0

On June 20, 2011 (two days ago), I posted an update to DocumentBuilder. After more extensive testing, I found and fixed a few bugs in less common scenarios, including if comments in multiple sources contain images, multiple sources contain endnotes with images, and a few other situations. If you have downloaded DocumentBuilder 2.0, please re-download it.


New Version of DocumentBuilder Available in PowerTools for Open XML

At long last, I have completed and posted a much requested and sorely needed update to DocumentBuilder. DocumentBuilder is code that is part of the PowerTools for Open XML project that handles issues of interrelated markup, enabling you to generate new documents from existing documents in a variety of ways. Many more details on

Comments has been upgraded

We have some great news – has gone through a significant upgrade! The underlying platform has been upgraded from Community Server 2.1 to Community Server 5.6, which means that we’ll have much better capabilities available in the platform. A few highlights of the new site:

  • A reputation system has been added to the system. This will allow you to increase in seniority and ownership in the community.
  • With CAPTCHA filters, email verification and ability to block IP address and specific word tags, we’ll have much better capabilities to eliminate spam.
  • We’ve created the most comprehensive list of Open XML developer resources on the web! We’ve listed more than 300 of the important articles, blog posts, and videos out there. You can navigate by keyword, i.e. see all content about WordprocessingML, or content that relates to Open XML and SharePoint. You can get started browsing the contents here.
  • Content rating system and ‘Friend’ system. You can identify the content that has been highly rated, and the content that your friends rate highly.
  • Better form features, including much better ability to post code in the forums (HURRAY!!!)
  • Better formatting capabilities for articles and blog posts – they need not look so plain, and it will be significantly easier for us to add other types of media such as videos.

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