Introduction to DocumentBuilder 2.0–Screen-Cast 3 of 3

DocumentBuilder 2.0 is a much-improved version of the DocumentBuilder class that is part of PowerTools for Open XML. Using DocumentBuilder, you can split Open XML WordprocessingML documents apart, and merge and combine them in a variety of ways. DocumentBuilder deals with the many issues associated with interrelated markup in Open XML WordprocessingML.

This third screen-cast in this 3 part series explains how DocumentBuilder is data-driven so that it is more robust.

You can find a complete list of DocumentBuilder 2.0 content as well as links to download it in the DocumentBuilder Wiki Page on

Before watching this screen-cast, be sure to watch the first in the series and the second in the series.

Explains how DocumentBuilder 2.0 is data-driven, which makes it more robust and reliable.

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