New Screen-Cast Series on Tables of Contents in Open XML WordprocessingML Documents

One issue that has been sorely lacking in content is that of adding / updating TOCs in WordprocessingML documents.  I’m starting a series of screen-casts around this issue, and I’ve just posted the first in the series.  The first video walks through the markup for a table of contents.  It explains how the TOC can (but is not required to) be in a content control, and why you would want to put it in a content control.  It discusses how fields in WordprocessingML are used to represent a TOC.  The video dissects field markup, and explains how fields can be nested (and always are nested in the case of a TOC).

Walks through the markup for tables in Open XML WordprocessingML

In the video, I reference three links.  Here are those links:

Open XML Package Editor Power Tool for Visual Studio 2010

Open XML Markup Simplifier Application

Deep dive into fields in WordprocessingML

The next video will be an introduction into some code that I’ve written for PowerTools for Open XML, which enables you to more easily insert a TOC into a document.

Update: Here is the complete list of screen-casts in this series.



Screen-cast #1

Explains the markup of tables-of-contents. TOCs use field markup.
See Deep dive into OpenXML Fields for more info.

Screen-cast #2

Presents some sample code that shows how to insert TOC markup into a document.

Screen-cast #3

Shows how to use Word Automation to update the TOC.

Screen-cast #4

Shows how to use Word Automation Services to update the TOC.

Screen-cast #5

Shows how to use an AutoOpen macro to update the TOC whenever any document that contains a TOC is opened.

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