Second Screen-Cast in Series on Adding / Updating Tables of Contents in Open XML WordprocessingML Documents

I’ve just published the second screen-cast in this series on updating the TOC of a WordprocessingML document.  In the first screen-cast, I explored the markup around TOCs.  In this second screen-cast, I discuss the markup a bit more, and then introduce some code that makes it easy to add a TOC to a document.  This code will become part of the PowerTools for Open XML project.

As part of the definition of each TOC, you specify a set of switches that Word uses as instructions on how to construct the TOC.  This screen-cast discusses the TOC switches, and shows how to find out more about them from the text of the Open XML standard.

You can find the code that I discuss in this video on

Discusses WordprocessingML TOC markup, and introduces some PowerTools for Open XML code that makes it easy to add a TOC to a document.

Now, back to editing the third screen-cast in this series.  Looks as though there are going to be four.

Here is the complete list of screen-casts in this series.



Screen-cast #1

Explains the markup of tables-of-contents. TOCs use field markup.
See Deep dive into OpenXML Fields for more info.

Screen-cast #2

Presents some sample code that shows how to insert TOC markup into a document.

Screen-cast #3

Shows how to use Word Automation to update the TOC.

Screen-cast #4

Shows how to use Word Automation Services to update the TOC.

Screen-cast #5

Shows how to use an AutoOpen macro to update the TOC whenever any document that contains a TOC is opened.




  1. mandar said,

    November 17, 2011 @ 9:42 am

    I am looking for tutorial on open xml for my upcoming project.
    Landed on your blog while looking for quickstart, but found screen cast links are broken.
    Pls update this,it will be helpful to any more like me.

  2. Eric White said,

    November 17, 2011 @ 7:10 pm

    Hi, thanks for the info on broken links. I’ve fixed them. You can find these screen-casts, along with many more on Open XML development over at


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