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New Paper published by Peter O’Kelly – Revisiting Open Document Format and Office Open XML: The Quiet Revolution Continues

Three years ago Peter O’Kelly wrote a paper titled, “What’s Up, .DOC? Open XML Formats, OpenDocument Format, and the Revolutionary Implications of XML in Productivity Applications.” That paper was a part of an industry-wide debate about Open XML and ODF. He has recently published a new paper that analyzes the current state of document formats.

This new paper, Revisiting Open Document Format and Office Open XML: The Quiet Revolution Continues, discusses:

  • The business value of standardized, XML based document formats
  • A brief history of Open XML and ODF
  • The 2008 Open XML ISO controversy, and the response to Peter’s “What’s Up, .DOC?” Paper
  • An assessment of current Open XML and ODF market dynamics
  • Current standards activity
  • Projections into the future

It is interesting reading for document format wonks.


Join us for a live web-cast on DocumentBuilder 2.0 on September 7 at 8:00 AM PST

Bob McClellan and I will be hosting a live web-cast on Sept 7 at 8:00 AM PST.  We’ll be demoing some new functionality in DocumentBuilder 2.0, discussing the future of PowerTools for Open XML and DocumentBuilder, and taking questions and comments about it.  We’d love to hear your feedback, as well as ideas for enhancements. And if we run out of stuff to talk about with DocumentBuilder, any Open XML topic or question is fair game.

So if, like me, you can’t think of anything more fun than getting online with some other geeks, and discussing interrelated markup, document composability, and the intricacies of Open XML WordprocessingML, please join us!

You can find all the details in this blog post at

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