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Updated Table-of-Content for everything that I’ve written or recorded

Over the last few years, I’ve written a fair number of blog posts, MSDN articles, blog posts, and blog posts on my blog at In addition, I’ve recorded over 60 screen-casts. I’ve assembled links to all of the content from all of the web sites, and aggregated them in the Blog TOC on this blog. I’ve done my best to make it navigable, including the ability to collapse the long descriptions, so that you can more easly view just the blog post or video titles. I’ve categorized it by important keywords, so that a developer working with Word Automation Services or with PowerTools for Open XML can find all relevant content. You can get to this table-of-content by clicking the Blog Table of Contents link in the blue bar under the header.

I am just about to embark on some interesting writing and screen-casting projects, so wanted to get this blog TOC under control before I started.

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