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New Focus for this Blog

This blog will have a new focus.  Up til now, the blog has been pretty much only on Open XML.  However, now I am going to go much wider afield.  Over the years I’ve gained some experience and insight into certain aspects of being a developer, and I’m going to start blogging about them – things like:

  • How I use PowerShell as a developer
  • My own approach to coverage testing, and why it is different and better
  • My approach to learning new programming languages quickly
  • Using screen-casts for intra-team communication – and how to create screen-casts super quickly
  • How I currently use the cloud as a development tool

I’m also going to discuss some of the more philosophical aspects of being a developer – I’ll even discuss what I did before I worked at Microsoft, and how and why I ended up doing what I’m doing.

And I’m certain I’ll discuss things that I haven’t contemplated yet.

This is going to be fun.

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Whew! Comments are working again on this blog!

First of all, I apologize for neglecting this blog for so long.  I’ve been super busy doing stuff at, and after interacting there, haven’t had energy for blogging here.  But I’m turning over a new leaf – have some great non-Open-XML content to post here (as well as some Open XML content).

Also, as many of you have noticed, comments have not been working on this blog.  After learning far more than I wanted to about PHP and MySQL, I finally determined that I had a corrupted comments table in MySQL – I installed phpMyAdmin, and then was able to repair the table, and presto, comments started working again!

I will be working on responding to comments (even old ones) here over the next while.  If you leave new comments, I’ll respond to those first, of course!

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