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Links – August 17 2011

I’ve been posting some new content over at, and somehow didn’t manage to post the info here.

I’ve posted the third (out of four) screen-casts around inserting / updating tables-of-contents.

Exploring Tables-of-Contents in Open XML WordprocessingML Documents (Part 3)

My goal is to get the fourth posted before the end of the week.

Update: Here is the complete list of screen-casts in this series.

Link Summary
Screen-cast #1 Explains the markup of tables-of-contents. TOCs use field markup. See Deep dive into OpenXML Fields for more info.
Screen-cast #2 Presents some sample code that shows how to insert TOC markup into a document.
Screen-cast #3 Shows how to use Word Automation to update the TOC.
Screen-cast #4 Shows how to use Word Automation Services to update the TOC.

The following screen-cast was in response to a specific query in the forums on  Even if you don’t care about speaker notes in an Open XML PresentationML document, you might be interested in watching this.  It shows my approach to researching Open XML markup.

Screen-cast: Remove Speaker Notes from an Open XML Presentation

The following screen-cast re-affirmed the truism: it takes more time to make a shorter screen-cast.  The following is 6:40 long.

New Screen-Cast: Short and Sweet Intro to DocumentBuilder 2.0

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