Creating a Custom XML Part by using XML Mapping in Word or by using VBA

Using VBA together with Open XML is a super-powerful approach.  Some solutions require both the ability to directly access the file formats, and to embed functionality in the document, and this is where using VBA together with Open XML provides us with powerful benefits.

A friend of mine, Brant Stoede, has been doing some consulting recently where he put together some innovative solutions that use VBA together with some Open XML techniques.  He has kindly consented to put together some screen-casts summarizing some of the powerful things you can do when using these two technologies together.  This is the first of these screen-casts.  In the next few days, I am also going to create a “VBA and Open XML” resource center here at where we can aggregate various screen-casts and content in this area.

In this screen-cast, Brant demonstrates two approaches to creating Custom XML parts:

I enjoyed this screen-cast – I didn’t know about either of these approaches.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Brant: brantstoede (at)