Barca’s prey may leave his team in this summer

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    In the Champions League 1/8 finals, Paris Saint-Germain in the first leg 4 to 0 victory over Barcelona in the case, the second leg 1 to 6 defeat suffered a major reversal. After that game, it came out of Villati is likely to leave the news this summer, the Italians want to go to a really competitive in the Champions League team. Today, brokers have made a clear statement for Villati. At the end of the season, Villati will be a real showdown with senior Paris.
    “Now there are a lot of wrong words, Paris is now the situation is not the best, I hope everything will remain calm.” Broker DiCampi position,günstigster ort um fifa 17 coins zu kaufen “we will ask the senior high-level talks with Paris, We do not want to let people, we respect the club ‘s hospital, but after the French Cup final, we need to talk about the current situation.
    May 27, Paris Saint-Germain will be in the French Cup final against Ang Heat. After that game, Villati will be a high showdown with Paris. Paris in the Champions League has never been able to reach the championship trophy, which makes Verati very disappointed. In the French League this season, the current multi-tournament in Paris is still behind Monaco 3 points, won the hope has become very slim. Van Barcelona, who has been eyeing Villati, is now waiting for the final decision of the Italians. Barcelona in recent years, a substantial decline in the midfield level, Red and Blue Corps has been hoping to Vilati as Harvey’s successor.
    “Daily Sports Daily” today in the headline on the headline that Barcelona is also studying how to sign Kutiniao (Philippe Coutinho). If Paris refused to release Viati, then Kutiniao will be Barcelona in the midfield position on the number one signings target. fifa coins preise vergleichen Kutiniao is a friend of Nei Maer, during the loan for the Spaniards, Kutiniao on Barcelona’s life and culture are very fond of. But Barcelona is not willing to pay hard for Kutiniao pay, the Red and Blue Corps hopes to break the pay balance in the case of Brazil signed.


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