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    I am generating Excel files from C# data tables on a .Net website, and have successfully added fonts, fills, borders, tables, etc. to cells in the worksheet. I am stuck trying to add conditional formatting to my cells. I have found some examples of what is required when generating the XML directly, but nothing to help me in my C# using Open XML. Is there any guidance or resources available showing how this can be accomplished?


    Eric White

    I don’t know of any examples that give guidance / resources that show how to accomplish this.

    With regards to writing C# code using the Open-Xml-Sdk, I personally prefer to generate the markup directly, and not use the strongly typed classes in the Open-Xml-Sdk object model. I prefer to use the LINQ to XML API.

    My recommendation to you: I suggest writing the markup directly, and not using the strongly-typed OM. Since you have found examples of what is required when generating the XML directly, you are on the path to success.



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    Jim Snyder

    Fifa, I do not see the correlation to generating conditional formatting in Excel.
    Leebean, I am working on the same thing at the moment. From your post, you have successfully built a stylesheet. I have found a few links that are helping me. The key thing I got from this article was that entries for DifferentialFormats and TableStyles must exist to get the completed spreadsheet to open. I have been working on trying to flesh that out with official details for a few days. The pertinent code is:

        DifferentialFormats differentialFormats1 = new DifferentialFormats() { Count = (UInt32Value)0U };
        TableStyles tableStyles1 = new TableStyles() { Count = (UInt32Value)0U, DefaultTableStyle = "TableStyleMedium2", DefaultPivotStyle = "PivotStyleMedium9" };
        return stylesheet1;
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