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    This season, the Spanish league has been a full stop, “Marca” through the polls selected the best players this season, the best team, the worst team, the best new aid and the worst new aid. Messi force C Luo became MVP winner, fifa coins online xbox 360 Real Madrid in the best team with 6 to 2 the number of repression of Barcelona. In the worst new aid selection, Barcelona’s Gomez became the last “winner”.
    Messi pressure C Luo won the Spanish team MVP best team: Real Madrid 6 people Barcelona 2 people
    In the MVP selection, Messi received a 42% support rate. C Lo with 29% support rate ranked second, Isko, Ramos support rates were 17% and 5%.
    In the selection of the best new aid, Malaga’s Sandro received 37% support. Umiti support rate of 15%, Mora and Boateng support rate of 10%.
    The worst new aid is Gomez, his support rate of 32%. Betis’s Zozuria ranked second with 21 percent support, beste xbox 360 fifa coins geschäfte and Barcelona’s Alcazar ranked third with 17 percent support.
    In the recent lineup of the selection, the champion team Real Madrid is the biggest winner. Marcelo, Ramos, Kawahar, Modić, Isaac and C Lo were selected, Barcelona only Messi and Busquets selected. The other three places belong to Atletico, Aubrac, Goetin and Grizeman among the best team.
    The worst lineup of the leader, but also the two major new scraps of Barcelona, Gomez and Alcazar are selected for this lineup. Real Madrid no one selected, Atletico has Gaitan selected. The other eight players are Roberto, Abdounnauer, Demichelis, Amorebiera, Kraenevit, Ganso, Peña Lanta and Vialto.

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