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    I don’t see much on the web on converting PowerPoint presentations to HTML without using MS Office PowerPoint. I do see activity on converting Word documents to HTML. Also I see that PowerTools allows quite a bit of support for manipulating .pptx without MS Office PPT. Is there support for converting .pptx files to HTML with PowerTools and if not are there any plans on adding this support? Thanks for any insight or comments on this topic.


    Eric White

    This is definitely something that I’ve discussed over the years, but has never risen to the top of the heap. I don’t know of any open source tool to convert PPTX to HTML, although I would not be surprised if there are commercial ones.

    It sure would be a fun project. And given the HtmlToWmlConverter module, it would enable snagging content from PowerPoint and injecting it into Word.



    You are correct in that there are a several commercial solutions. A few I know of are HTML5Point, Aspose, and iSpring. Aspose generates an HTML page with a large embedded SVG of the source presentation. HTML5Point outputs excellent HTML% supporting all PPT features and iSpring does as well. I don’t like the SVG solution and I don’t like the fact that the others use MS Office PowerPoint to process the .pptx file. This means one presentation at a time (slowly) which doesn’t meet my requirements. Not only would it be a fun project it would be one of a kind both for open source and commercial. I could land several large clients if it were in my hands today. Wish I had the time to do it. Maybe after my current project.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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