OASIS ODF 1.2 Approved

Congratulations are due to the OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee for the approval of OASIS ODF 1.2. As a document format geek, I follow the progress of all document format standards efforts, including ODF, and I’m very happy to see this new version of ODF. Recently, I had occasion to read through a fair amount of the ODF 1.2 standard, and the committee has done a fine job with it. Doug Mahugh, Senior Standards Professional at Microsoft, has posted about the approval of ODF 1.2.

From his post:

Microsoft has supported ODF since Office 2007 Service Pack 2 and formally joined the ODF TC in early 2008. Eric Patterson, a Senior Program Manager on the Excel team, has been a regular attendee and voting member in the ODF TC for more than three years, working with the Open Formula Subcommittee(SC) to finalize the specification of ODF spreadsheet formulas. David LeBlanc, Security Architect for Office, has worked with the ODF TC to ensure that XAdES digital signatures are specified in an interoperable manner. He helped ensure that the standard is consistent with the XMLDsig and XAdES standards and worked to establish an excluded path, so that implementers may maintain unsigned metadata in the archive without breaking the signature. He also helped tighten up the standard to avoid allowing overly broad transforms that can cause security problems.