Open XML SDK Testing Plan

My next major project here is to put together a testing infrastructure for the open source release of the Open XML SDK.  I will be
blogging here as I make progress on this testing harness, enabling you to try interim releases of the testing harness.

One key goal is to make a portable testing harness that will work on Windows (using the .NET C# compiler) and Mac/Linux (using the Mono C# compiler).  It will also be interesting to use the “Roslyn” .NET Compiler as soon as we have all necessary pieces to compile the Open XML SDK using it on platforms other than Windows.

Another key goal is to make it super-fast.  I will be usin appropriate techniques to implement super-high performance using multiple processors per machine, and using multiple machines on a network.  My goal is to have it be able to run all tests in an hour or two, at most.

I currently have an existing test harness running that was developed by the original team that developed the SDK.  However, that test harness and associated documents are not in the state I want them to be.  The current test harness makes use of an ancient version of MSTEST (so therefore will not run on Linux / Mono), runs really slowly, and relies on documents that are not suitable for public release – they contain confidential and personal information.  A key goal of my new test harness will be to convert all existing
tests to my new test harness, and to include a select set of documents that are suitable for inclusion in the GitHub repository.

Stay tuned…

-Eric White