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Gets an array that contains all relationships from the OpenXmlPackage object.


    var relList = OpenXmlPackage.getRelationships()

Return Value

    Returns an array of OpenXmlRelationship objects that contains all of the relationships from the document to various parts.


    var relList = pkg.getRelationships();


// Open a blank document that is stored as a base64 string.
var doc = new openXml.OpenXmlPackage(blankDocument_base64);
// Get a list of all parts in the document and list them in the output text area.
var rels = doc.getRelationships();
var o = [];
for (var i = 0; i < rels.length; i++) {
    var rel = rels[i];
    o.push("relationship id: " + rel.relationshipId);
    o.push("rel type: " + rel.relationshipType);
    o.push("target: " +;
    o.push("targetMode: " + rel.targetMode);
    o.push("targetFullName: " + rel.targetFullName);
return { output: o };