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OpenXmlRegex is a module in Open-Xml-PowerTools that enables you to search for and replace text in WordprocessingML (DOCX) and PresentationML (PPTX).


1 Search and Replace Content in DOCX, PPTX using Regular Expressions OpenXmlRegex is a class in PowerTools for Open XML that enables you to search and optionally replace content in DOCX and PPTX using regular expressions. This screen-cast demonstrates the OpenXmlRegex class, and explains some of the more interesting semantics of it.
2 How the OpenXmlRegex Class Works In this screen-cast, I explain the algorithm behind OpenXmlRegex. This will be interesting to students of Open XML and document formats in general. It will be interesting to anyone who is porting this code to another platform such as Java, C++, or JavaScript. And finally, it will be interesting to me in a few years – it will remind me of how the code works!