PowerTools for Open XML 2.0 Cmdlets

This page lists all of the cmdlets in PowerTools for Open XML 2.2. As we add blog posts, articles, and screen-casts about each of the cmdlets, we will link to that content from this page.

Cmdlet Description
Add-OpenXmlContent Injects XML markup into a given part in a WordprocessingML document.
Add-OpenXmlDigitalSignature Uses a digital certificate to digitally sign a WordprocessingML document.
Add-OpenXmlDocumentIndex Creates an index based on the index references found in the document. This cmdlet and functionality is still under development.
Add-OpenXmlDocumentTOA Creates a Table of Authorities based on the citations (references or authorities) found it in the document. This cmdlet and functionality is still under development.
Add-OpenXmlDocumentTOC Creates a Table of Contents based on the headings found it in the document.
Add-OpenXmlDocumentTOF Creates a Table of Figures based on the figures found it in the document.
Add-OpenXmlPicture Inserts a picture at a specific location inside an OpenXML document. The picture will be stored inside the document as an embedded resource. Picture location is specified by an XPath expression.
Add-OpenXmlSpreadSheetTable Adds a new table definition to a worksheet in a Spreadsheet document.
Confirm-OpenXmlValid Uses the Open XML SDK 2.0 to validate an Open XML document, and report any errors.
Edit-OpenXmlChange Processes documents with text revisions (change tracking elements), by accepting all the text changes performed on the document.
Export-OpenXmlSpreadsheet Gets the public properties from any objects and generates a spreadsheet with columns showing for each property. Optionally, a chart can be created from a subset of those properties.
Export-OpenXmlToHtml Exports Wordprocessing documents to html documents.
Export-OpenXmlWordprocessing Create a new Wordprocessing document from text.
Get-OpenXmlBackground Extracts background information from a Wordprocessing document.
Get-OpenXmlComment Extracts all the comments contained in a Wordprocessing document.
Get-OpenXmlCustomXmlData Gets a customXml part from a document.
Get-OpenXmlDigitalSignature Gets information about digital signatures present in a Wordprocessing document.
Get-OpenXmlDocument Creates objects for OpenXML documents.
Get-OpenXmlFooter Retrieves footer information from Wordprocessing documents.
Get-OpenXmlHeader Retrieves header information from Wordprocessing documents.
Get-OpenXmlStyle Retrieves style definitions from a Wordprocessing or a Spreadsheet document.
Get-OpenXmlTheme Gets the theme content from a Wordprocessing document.
Get-OpenXmlWatermark Gets watermark text from a Wordprocessing document.
Lock-OpenXmlDocument Locks one or more Wordprocessing documents.
Merge-OpenXmlDocument Merge multiple source documents into a new document.
Merge-OpenXmlDocumentComment Merge comments from multiple source documents into a new document.
Remove-OpenXmlComment Removes comments from Wordprocessing documents.
Remove-OpenXmlDigitalSignature Removes the digital signature of a Wordprocessing document.
Remove-OpenXmlMarkup Removes a variety of complex markups from a Wordprocessing document.
Remove-OpenXmlPersonalInformation Removes personal information from a Wordprocessing document.
Select-OpenXmlString Identifies patterns in Wordprocessing documents.
Set-OpenXmlBackground Sets the background color or image of a Wordprocessing document.
Set-OpenXmlContentFormat Sets the format of a paragraph or run on a Wordprocessing document.
Set-OpenXmlContentStyle Sets the style for a paragraph or run on a Wordprocessing document.
Set-OpenXmlCustomXmlData Sets the contents of a custom XML part in a Wordprocessing document.
Set-OpenXmlFooter Sets footers in a Wordprocessing document.
Set-OpenXmlHeader Sets headers on a Wordprocessing document.
Set-OpenXmlSpreadSheetCellStyle Applies a cell style to a cell or cell range in a worksheet.
Set-OpenXmlSpreadSheetCellValue Set a value for a cell or a cell range in a worksheet.
Set-OpenXmlSpreadSheetColumnWidth Sets the width for a column or column range in a worksheet.
Set-OpenXmlString Changes matching strings in a Wordprocessing document to a new value.
Set-OpenXmlStyle Sets the style library for a Wordprocessing or a Spreadsheet document.
Set-OpenXmlTheme Sets a Wordprocessing document theme.
Set-OpenXmlWatermark Sets a watermark in a Wordprocessing document.
Split-OpenXmlDocument Splits documents at section breaks.