Quick Generation of Spreadsheet Data and Cell Styles

Return to the SpreadsheetML Screen-Cast SeriesThis example looks at a couple of OpenXML spreadsheet topics. Bob McClellan has been working with the cell styles a lot lately and this is a first example showing how to add some of the named styles to a spreadsheet cell. Also, after he posted his example for generating a pivot table, some very helpful people mentioned that it was quite slow with large amounts of data. This example also shows an alternative method of generating large amounts of data in a worksheet.

The example code can be found in Open-Xml-PowerTools on GitHub. See the following link for instructions on how to download and use: Open XML Installation Center

The screen-cast is divided into two parts. The first half introduces the example and shows how to use the methods in the PowerTools Core library. The second half shows the details of how the XML is generated. If you are only interested in using the code as is, then you can skip the second part.