Release of PowerTools Core 2.7.01

This is a minor release – fixes some issues with rendering of list items, and some issues with horizontal formatting – left indent, hanging indents, and first line indents.

For download and installation instructions, see the Open Xml Installation Center

I thought it worthwhile to write something about my release procedure, and the quality that I want for PowerTools for Open XML.

For modules such as HtmlConverter.cs, FormattingAssembler.cs, DocumentBuilder.cs, and the like, I have the following quality bars:

I have an automated process whereby I can test these modules on sample documents before creating a release.  Over the last three years, I have assembled over 120,000  test documents.  I use a network of six quad-core computers on a gigabit network, each computer processing multiple documents simultaneously, to “stress test” these modules.  Many of my sample documents are invalid – some intentionally, and others not.  I have built a cute little test harness that enables me to use the network of computers to test about 2000 documents per minute.  I can be certain that HtmlConverter.cs will not throw an exception on these 120,000 documents in about one hour.

Further, I have extended my test harness to do additional tests for specific modules.  For example, I have a test module that will verify that ListItemRetriever.cs returns the correct values for all list items in a document.

Key point is that I take quality seriously, and do extensive tests before I upload to