Release of PresentationBuilder 2.4.0

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PresentationBuilder is a module in PowerTools for Open XML that enables you to take pieces and parts of any number of presentations, and assemble a valid presentation out of them. If you are not familiar with PresentationBuilder, see the various screen-casts at the PresentationBuilder Resource Center on this site.

Users of PresentationBuilder should take a look at version 2.4.0. I’ve spent a large amount of time adding robustness. I haven’t changed the functionality or API at all.

PresentationBuilder now supports:

Note that this version requires the use of the Open XML SDK 2.5. It takes care of maintaining integrity for some parts that are available only in version 2.5, not 2.0.

Because of the dependency on the Open XML SDK 2.5, this version requires the .NET Framework 4.0.