Release of PresentationBuilder 2.5.0.

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It was only a couple of weeks ago that I released PresentationBuilder 2.4.0 – but it is in fact time for a new release.  There was a somewhat annoying problem in all previous releases of PresentationBuilder – if multiple slides displayed the same image, PresentationBuilder would not detect this, and would include a copy of the image for each and every slide.  This is particularly problematic if you have a corporate logo on slides – the physical size of the presentation can grow very quickly.  This is now fixed.

This fix was not as trivial as you might think – there are many places in the markup that refer to images, and it was important to make sure that each and every case was caught and dealt with properly.

Further, PresentationBuilder has a fair number of users now (which makes me happy!) and it was necessary to put it through a battery of tests so that I could feel confident of releasing a high-quality piece of gear.  The battery of tests are completed, and I do feel confident..  It was a lot of work!  🙂

You can find PresentationBuilder 2.5.0 at the bottom of the list of downloads on the Downloads tab at

For those who don't know, PresentationBuilder is a module in PowerTools for Open XML that enables you to take pieces and parts of any number of presentations, and assemble a valid presentation out of them.  If you are not familiar with PresentationBuilder, see the various screen-casts at the PresentationBuilder Resource Center on this site.

In addition to the above fix, PresentationBuilder supports the set of enhancements that I made for version 2.4.0:

Note that this version requires the use of the Open XML SDK 2.5. It takes care of maintaining integrity for some parts that are available only in version 2.5, not 2.0.

Because of the dependency on the Open XML SDK 2.5, this version requires the .NET Framework 4.0.

Cheers, Eric