Screen-cast: Introduction to Open XML WordprocessingML: Part 1

Return to the WordprocessingML Screen-Cast SeriesThis screen-cast is the first in a series on a basic intro to WordprocessingML. This series will be a walk through all important aspects of WordprocessingML. My goal is to do a 'brain-dump' of all aspects of WordprocessingML that I've learned over the years.

If you are already an experienced Open XML developer, the screen-casts in this series won't appeal as much, although there are chances that I'll cover some aspects of the markup that you haven't seen. It is intended for developers new to Open XML.

This screen-cast is also a continuation in my intro series on Open XML. Previously, I have presented screen-casts on a basic intro to Open XML, the various scenarios that Open XML is suited for, and the tools that you will want to use when doing Open XML development.