Screen-Cast: LINQ to XML Namespaces and Names

Return to the RPFT Screen-Cast SeriesThis is the twelth screen-cast in a series on writing Recursive Pure Functional Transformations of XML. This screen-cast and the screen-casts just preceding and just following discuss the semantics of LINQ to XML in detail. We are going to make use of some interesting aspects of the semantics of LINQ to XML when writing recursive pure functional transformations.

Many developers have a cursory knowledge of LINQ to XML, and some developers know LINQ to XML in depth. Unless you are completely familiar with the more elaborate forms of arguments to XElement constructors, controlling namespaces and namespace prefixes, and the interesting idioms around axis methods and axis extension methods, I recommend that you watch these three screen-casts.

Just one more screen-cast after this one, and then we’re going to dive into recursive pure functional transformations!