Screen-Cast: Replacing Elements in Recursive Pure Functional Transforms (RPFT) of XML

Return to the RPFT Screen-Cast SeriesThis is the fifteenth screen-cast in a series on writing Recursive Pure Functional Transformations (RPFT) of XML. In this screen-cast, we discuss transforming one particular element in an XML tree with a different element. We are, in effect, ‘replacing’ an element from the original XML tree with a new element in the newly created XML tree.

Return to the Table of Contents of this screen-cast series. To demonstrate this scenario, I transform a simple WordprocessingML document into an Html page. This transform is a pretty rudimentary transform – it’s main goal is to demonstrate the point of the screen-cast. It is not a comprehensive, high fidelity transform from WordprocessingML to HTML. That is going to come later!

From here on, these screen-casts are more and more fun! If you are not having fun yet, the geek police are going to require you to turn in your pocket protector!