Screen-Cast: XML – Part Two

Return to the RPFT Screen-Cast SeriesThis is the tenth screen-cast in a series on writing Recursive Pure Functional Transformations of XML. This screen-cast and the previous screen-cast discuss the semantics of XML in detail. In order to discuss recursive pure functional transformations, it is necessary to understand the semantics of XML in depth. These two screen-casts on XML cover it to the depths necessary to understand the markup in Open XML documents, and to understand writing recursive pure functional transformations of XML.

Many developers already have a comprehensive understanding of XML. If you are one of those developers, feel free to skip these screen-casts on XML, and continue watching at the point in this screen-cast series where you are not familiar with the content. But if you are not absolutely clear on namespaces, syntax for namespaces, default namespace semantics, data-centric vs. document-centric XML, mixed content, and the XML infoset, you may enjoy these screen-casts on XML.