Support for RTL Languages in HtmlConverter version 2.7.03

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Release of support for RTL languages in the HtmlConverter.cs module, which is a part of Open-Xml-PowerTools.


When starting on this project, I always had the suspicion that supporting RTL and Asian languages might provide a big challenge, and I was right!  It took quite some time for me to a) learn all about RTL and LTR in HTML and in WordprocessingML, and b) write the code to accurately accomplish the transform.  There are lots of issues, including rendering of tables, rendering of numbered and bulleted lists, and so on.

For those of you who are Hebrew or Arabic speakers, I need your support with this – please try out the new HtmlConverter module on some of your favorite documents, and where there are issues, please send sample documents to me – contact me at eric at, or through the forums at

For those of you who are not experts in RTL, and need to support it, I am going to record a screen-cast that details what I've learned about RTL usage in HTML/CSS.  I will also discuss RTL support in WordprocessingML, and provide some notes about interesting aspects of the transform.  As usual, this is as much for me as you – I'll probably need to revisit some aspect of this code in the future, so the screen-cast will also serve to refresh my mind with the technical details.