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Over the years, I have written a fair amount of blog posts and articles of various types, and recorded a fair number of screen-casts. Those blog posts, articles, and screen-casts are spread over a number of web sites – my old MSDN blog, the MSDN web site, MSDN Magazine,, and my personal web site here at I have compiled all of the content that I’ve written over the years from all of those sites, and categorized it here in these pages. I hope this is useful.

I am embarking on a number of writing and screen-casting projects in the near future (all fun stuff), so I needed to get this organized so that I can continue to categorize the content that I’m producing.

If you want to stay informed as I publish various blog posts, screen-casts, and what not, feel free to subscribe to this blog, or to follow me on twitter (links at the top of the page). And as each article or blog post is published, it will be automatically added to these pages.

8 Topics
Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is a feature of SharePoint that enables connecting to external data sources such as web services, databases, or other custom data sources.
Book Recommendations
1 Topics
List of books that have been useful/influential to me.
Content Controls
25 Topics
Content controls are the main mechanism to delineate content in WordprocessingML documents.
2 Topics
Client Side Object Model (CSOM) enables you to program against SharePoint lists and document libraries from client-side applications. Sometimes this is called the Managed Client Object Model.
12 Topics
A fundimental class of PowerTools for Open XML that enables you to combine / shred / compose Open XML WordprocessingML documents into new documents.
DOCX Generation
17 Topics
Generating WordprocessingML documents is the most common usage of Open XML.
Excel Automation
4 Topics
Automating the Excel client application brings the power of Excel to your applications.
Excel Services
1 Topics
Excel Services is a feature of SharePoint Server that enables users to interact with Excel spreadsheets using a web browser.
Flat OPC
4 Topics
Flat OPC is a variation on an Open XML document where the entire document, including binary parts such as images, is stored as a single XML file.
Functional Programming
43 Topics
Language Integrated Query, when used properly, enables you to build powerful applications in the functional programming style. Pure functional transformations are my recommended approach to document manipulation.
Introduction to Open XML
5 Topics
Topics and videos that can help you get started developing with Open XML.
19 Topics
Language Integrated Query
1 Topics
Access databases using Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
33 Topics
Access XML documents using Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
Managed Add-Ins
5 Topics
Extend the Office client applications using C# and Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO)
2 Topics
The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a Web protocol for querying and updating data. There are several ways that OData is useful when building SharePoint applications.
Office Automation
11 Topics
Automating the Office client applications sometimes is the most effective way to build an application.
12 Topics
Open Packaging Conventions (OPC) is the part of the Open XML standard that defines how Open XML documents are stored in ZIP files.
90 Topics
.NET library for creating, querying, and modifying Open XML documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
Open XML Tools
1 Topics
Important tools that aid in creating Open XML applications.
162 Topics
IS29500 / Ecma376
PowerPoint Automation
1 Topics
Automating the PowerPoint client application is one way to manipulate and create PowerPoint presentations.
PowerTools for Open XML
42 Topics
Example source code and guidance for creating, querying, and modifying Open XML documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
PPTX Generation
1 Topics
Generating PowerPoint presentations using Open XML can be an effective way to create custom presentation content for specific situations.
5 Topics
The markup language within Open XML for presentation documents.
SharePoint 2007
1 Topics
Previous version of SharePoint
SharePoint 2010
25 Topics
Collaboration software for the enterprise
12 Topics
The markup language within Open XML for spreadsheets.
Useful Code Snippets
1 Topics
A personal repository of useful code that doesn’t fit into any other category.
1 Topics
Visual Basic for Applications
4 Topics
Visual Studio Tools for Office enables you to build managed add-ins for Office client applications.
Web Services
3 Topics
A Web service is a means of communication between programs over the web.
Word Automation
7 Topics
Automating the Office Word client application is sometimes the only way to accomplish certain tasks.
Word Automation Services
3 Topics
Word Automation Services is a feature of SharePoint Server that enables you to programmatically convert word-processing documents from one format to another.
126 Topics
The markup language within Open XML for word-processing documents.
3 Topics
Ruminations about technical writing and other philosophical topics.
XLSX Generation
1 Topics
Generating spreadsheets is the most common usage of SpreadsheetML.
17 Topics
Extensible Markup Language
2 Topics
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations