Transform DOCX to HTML/CSS with High-Fidelity using PowerTools for Open XML

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Today I am happy to announce the release of HtmlConverter version 2.06.00, which is a high fidelity conversion from DOCX to HTML/CSS.  HtmlConverter is a module in the Open-Xml-PowerTools project.


Here is a short video that demonstrates HtmlConverter (aka WmlToHtmlConverter)in action:

Developers often ask for guidance on how to transform DOCX to rich HTML/CSS on the forums at, the MSDN support forums, and StackOverflow.  In the past, many developers have put in a lot of effort and have written this transformation with just enough features to support their particular scenario.  The HtmlConverter class provides a great head-start for putting together a customized transform from DOCX to HTML.

PowerTools for Open XML is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL), which gives you wide latitude in how you use the code, including its use in commercial products and open source projects.

HtmlConverter.cs 2.06.00 supports:

Here are a couple of implementation notes:

There are some key features that I haven’t implemented yet:

If you have opinions about the order of implementation of these features, or if you know of other features that should be on this list, please file an issue on GitHub OfficeDev/Open-Xml-PowerTools.

There are some features that I currently don’t plan to support:

I am certain that I have missed some aspects of this conversion.  I’ll be fine tuning this conversion for some time to come.  If you find aspects that do not convert correctly, please log the issue, along with a sample document, at