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WmlToHtmlConverter.cs is a module in PowerTools for Open XML that enables quite high fidelity transform from DOCX to HTML/CSS.

Note: in previous versions of Open-Xml-PowerTools, this module was called the HtmlConverter module. To make it orthogonal with the naming of HtmlToWmlConverter, the HtmlConverter class was renamed to WmlToHtmlConverter. You will note mention of the HtmlConverter module in these videos; please mentally transform that name into WmlToHtmlConverter.

This page contains a summary of all content about WmlToHtmlConverter (aka HtmlConverter).

1 Clone or Fork Open-Xml-PowerTools from GitHub Both the Open-Xml-Sdk and Open-Xml-PowerTools are hosted on GitHub.
2 Transform DOCX to HTML/CSS with High-Fidelity using PowerTools for Open XML Intro and Demo of the HtmlConverter (WmlToHtmlConverter) module.
3 Announcing Support for RTL Languages in HtmlConverter Includes accurate transform of RTL languages.
4 Enhancement enables numbered lists in Chinese ListItemRetriever is a module in PowerTools for Open XML that contains the necessary code for retrieving a list item for a paragraph that is part of a numbered or bulleted list. ListItemRetriever has been enhanced to support Chinese numbering, which means that HtmlConverter supports Chinese numbering.
5 Screen-Cast: Build ASP.NET Web App with Open XML Functionality

There are four basic operations that developers need to do when building an ASP.NET Web application with Open XML functionality:

  • Upload a document
  • Modify the document using the Open XML SDK
  • Convert the document to HTML/CSS and display the converted HTML
  • Download the modified document
6 Screen-Cast: Assemble-DocxFormatting Discusses the issues around assembling all relevant formatting for paragraphs, tables, character runs, and so on. This functionality is key to the implementation of the HtmlConverter module.
7 Screen-Cast: Exploring the Unicode Bidi Algorithm In order to fully understand the bidi implementation of HtmlConverter, you need to understand the Unicode bidi algorithm. This screen-cast is of iterest to those who want to make modifications to HtmlConverter.